A few days have passed since

A few days have passed since the introduction of the HTC One Max. When introducing the new phone, the price issue was not mentioned. The newest feature on the One Max is the fingerprint reading system, which is also available on the iPhone 5S.HTC, which continues the Beats Audi audio system, will delight its users, but we cannot say the same about price. We were able to get an idea of ​​the price thanks to the leaked prices by Chinese sites.One of HTC’s hottest markets in China, the HTC One Max will cost $ 833. Besides, HTC One Max will come with some small accessories. Since it is a big screen phone, it will be included in this price with all the accessories you will need, such as Bluetooth headset to make phone calls easier. The most appreciated feature of this HTC phone is the replaceable battery.

The new phone Mi-3 of Xiaomi, which we have heard for a while, made its first sales. Xiaomi is known as the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer in China. After the Mi-2 attracted a lot of attention, it launched a new phone called the Mi-3.You will not believe the sales of Mi-3. The Mi-3 came out at 12.00 and sold 100,000 phones on 12.01. Accurate data showed that the Mi-3 sold 100,000 phones in the first 86 seconds. The phone, which is also suitable for the prices, is preferred in China as it is the domestic production of China.The entry-level phone Hongmi also sold 100,000 in a very short period of time when it first came out in August, but this time it is running to record.