Although the operating system is

Oppo N1 is one of the largest phones with the closest screen size to tablets. The design of the phone with a reversing camera is also very successful. Especially on the smartphone, the camera was able to change routes, which we have never seen before.Mobile version of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu The stable version 13.10 of Ubuntu Touch was initially released for Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus . The long-awaited operating system has achieved at least the level of daily use with the stable release.

Although the operating system is released as a stable version, it is mostly aimed at developers. The stable version includes built-in apps such as a browser, clock, weather, and calculator, while access to the Google Play Store or any app store is not possible. Therefore, you will not encounter any application compatible with Ubuntu Touch if you install it. Facebook and Twitter as well as Google applications are currently available in the system.Ubuntu developers have issued an installation instruction as usual, but if you do not have enough knowledge on this, we do not recommend installing, as you may cause serious damage to the phone. In addition, we will share with you as soon as the installation instructions from the simpler method Custom Recovery are published by the XDA developers .