First of Awesome is a game this week

First of Awesome is a game this week but it is not the best graphics game in the world. The first project using Pixel-art technology is also the title. As a Kickstarter project, the game comes for PC, Mac and even Ouya Android game consoles.The play house, designed by Tim Burr, includes the adventures of our character, whose family burned and suddenly disappeared one day. As the bears surround the world, he realizes that he has to protect himself from them and starts punching the bears’ face.

In the smartphone world, a flagship is surely coming out every month and the comparison news of these devices continues to come. Tutto Android site, tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, LG G2 and HTC One test results released video.The most powerful version of the Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1 and LG G2 Qualcomm has the Snapdragon 800 processor, while HTC One is powered by the previous version Snapdragon 600. For him, the HTC One is a step behind. But I don’t know if the test results say the same thing. You can see this result by watching the video below.As you know, there have been reports that some companies have been cheating on AnTuTu tests and the AnTuTu Bechmark X version has been released. This version of the cheats are blocked. So the tests are not possible to be cheated.