users will be able to access mail

Mozilla announced in July 2013, the phone began to launch Firefox. The phone has already been sold in some countries. These countries; Spain, Colombia, Venezuela and Poland also located Deutsche Telekom traffic from the sale will be held. Firefox (1.1) is also released for the fully HTML5 -based operating system.As the maker of the phone, we see Alcatel One Touch Fire. Alcatel’in the above-mentioned countries in this quarter, as well as Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Brazil and Germany will be available for sale in the information received. It is said that it can find the end of the year to be offered for sale all over the world.While Firefox OS provides easy usage with ready-made applications, it continues to bring social media to your feet with applications like Twitter and Facebook. With the Map app, it’s like the biggest plus is that it shows pre-determined locations, even when offline. Market “Firefox Market” under the name of the market for the phone, users will be able to find applications according to taste.

With the 1.1 update, users will be able to access mail services such as Hotline and Gmail at the touch of a button. In addition, with the 15 languages ​​supported, Firefox OS plans to expand its use, happy days seem to be soon. Oppo announced that it will cooperate with DigitalOptics before and it is the camera system that will lead the smart phones. DigitalOptics is known as a Chinese company that supplies equipment to all parts of the world. Thanks to this hardware power, especially in the field of mobile hardware, we can often hear from now on. This is exactly where we find the lytro-like camera.